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Lena Sotskova is co-founder of Green Apple Group Inc - company has EXCLUSIVE rights to produce, release, authenticate and distribute all forms of art of Lena Sotskova.

We provide Certificates Of Authenticity for all Originals and Limited Editions we sell direct or distribute through authorized dealers.

Please keep Certificates of Authenticity in a safe place, WE CAN NOT REPLACE THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Authorized Art Galleries and other retail establishments sell art of Lena Sotskova produced right here - at the studio of Lena Sotskova - hand signed and authenticated.

Making unauthorized copies or reproductions of LENA SOTSKOVA art anywhere (other than our company) is illegal and is subject of Copyright laws. It includes copies of images for sale and for personal use.

Special Notice

 All artwork released and/or distributed after May 22, 2008 contains invisible security mark in form of Authentic logo with artwork name and Edition number. Security mark can be viewed using UV light (black light) or counterfeit money detection device. Locations of security marks on front side of canvases are different for every edition.

When buying Artwork of Lena Sotskova from resellers or third parties to protect yourself from fake copies always check the following:

1. On the front of canvas Artist's signature is handwritten in gold paint (not printed).
2. On the back side of canvas located Artwork title, edition number, original signature of Lena Sotskova and company stamp.
3. Canvas sides have bright white color (not gray or yellow), surface of Originals and Limited editions have high relief, not flat. Only top of the market materials used: canvas is tight, withstands pressure, not tears off with tension; pigments and coatings are of archival quality, will not fade; withstands moisture, bright light, temperature fluctuations.

Thus, if the Artwork is yellowed and deformed - it is clearly a forgery.

When in doubt, please contact us immediately, we take copyright issues very seriously.

Some websites and galleries offer for sale forgery of Lena Sotskova art.
They display images of authentic art, but you receive something very different.
Here are few examples:
Figure "pasted" on another background, printed and hand overpainted.
Authentic           Fake 
Inspiration by Lena Sotskova Fake Inspiration-fake
Images below are painted completely by hand
Authentic           Fake 
Midsummer Gream by Lena Sotskova Fake Midsummer Dream-fake
Fragment1 by Lena Sotskova Fake fragment-fake
Fragment2 by Lena Sotskova Fake fragment2-fake
HS  HS fake 
Forgeries above are easy recognizable. It is hard to believe, but some people actually buy them.
Other forgeries are made using quality equipment and expert help needed to recognize them.
One of the alarming signs - unusually low price (apply to many things in life).
We invite you to use the Form below to check Authenticity of any particular painting of Lena Sotskova before or after purchase.
The more information you provide - the better chance that we will be able to authenticate your artwork.
We need your email address to send the results to you.
We may contact you for additional info if necessary
Please allow enough time for confirmation - No emergencies please.


Remember: You purchasing the piece of Art only, not the right to make copies of it of any kind.

All images, artwork, images of artwork or parts of it and logos are the solely owned by Author. Under section 106 of copyright law it is illegal to prepare derivative works based upon the work of others without express permission or to duplicate, or distribute copies of the work by sale or other transfer of ownership. Therefore copies, reproductions of any kind or derivative copies of our work or images or logos are prohibited and will be strictly enforced under penalty of copyright law.

Work is automatically protected by copyright law when it is created. A work is created when it is "fixed" in an original painting or in a copy for the first time. Neither registration in the Copyright Office nor publication is required for copyright protection under the present law.

Purchasing or obtaining original painting, print, copy or image of any artwork or part of it does not give to the purchaser any of the following rights that granted exclusively to the Author (copyright holder):

Note that copyright law does not restrict resale of copies of works, provided those copies were made by or with the permission of the copyright holder. Subject to moral rights, copyright also does not prohibit the owner of a physical copy of a work from modifying, defacing, destroying, etc. the work, so long as this does not involve duplication.

Copyrights are generally enforced by the owner in a civil law court, but there are also criminal infringement statutes. In the USA copyright violation involving more than 10 copies and/or total value over $2500 is a felony.

While governments had previously granted monopoly rights to publishers to sell printed works, the modern concept of copyright originated in 1710 with the British Statute of Anne. This statute first recognized that authors, rather than publishers, should be the primary beneficiary of such laws, and it included protections for consumers of printed work ensuring that publishers could not control their use after sale. It also limited the duration of such exclusive rights to 28 years, after which all works would pass into the public domain.

The Berne Convention of 1886 first established the recognition of copyrights between sovereign nations. (Copyrights were also provided by the Universal Copyright Convention of 1952, but that convention is today largely of historical interest.) Under the Berne convention, copyright is granted automatically to creative works; an author does not have to "register" or "apply for" a copyright. As soon as the work is "fixed", that is, written or recorded on some physical medium, its author is automatically granted all exclusive rights to the work and any derivative works unless and until the author explicitly disclaims them, or until the copyright expires.